• Blue ceramic tiles for Interiors: A Stylish Choice
  • Blue-colored tiles for coverings: all shades of Eccentrico
  • The elegance of blue ceramic coverings

Blue ceramic tiles for Interiors

Blue ceramic tiles for Interiors: A Stylish Choice

For elegant and inviting coverings, the color blue represents an undeniable choice of style. blue ceramic tiles for interiors are particularly suitable in functional spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens, where the use of waterproof and resistant materials, as well as aesthetically pleasing ones, becomes essential.

Wall covering is a fundamental element of every living project: Eccentrico's blue porcelain stoneware tiles are offered in various shades and formats to accommodate different styles of decor.

The color blue is associated with feelings of calm and harmony, making it ideal for the bathroom, where the daily process of expressing each person's personality begins. Blue tiles impart a fresh appearance, and thanks to the waterproof nature of porcelain stoneware, they also ensure the maximum hygiene of the environment.

Blue-colored tiles for coverings: all shades of Eccentrico

Our collections offer a wide range of blue ceramic tiles for interiors in various nuances to meet every need.

The three-dimensional porcelain stoneware tiles in blue, such as Beat in the Ultramarine color, create three-dimensional effects and ever-changing shades, thanks to their extensive ability to capture light from various angles.

The marble-effect tiles from the Supernova Blue Brown collection create unique color shades starting from the deepest blue tones. The combination with brown allows the reproduction of the typical veins of a marble floor for results of great elegance.

With the Back to Basic line, you can choose the most classic blue ceramic tiles for interiors in the 'Cerulean' shade. Thanks to the increased brightness characteristic of this nuance, Eccentrico's blue tiles in white paste become the perfect choice for the kitchen and can be used alone or combined with other shades to create different patterns.

Prussian blue takes center stage in the Linea collection. The simple composition of a covering with glossy and glazed blue porcelain stoneware tiles creates pleasant yet extremely sophisticated solutions.

The patterns of Quadra arise from the combination of different geometric motifs of the decorated porcelain stoneware backgrounds that make up the collection. The tiles combine blue with other base colors to create a surprising and suggestive design.

The elegance of blue ceramic coverings

Indoor coverings find a touch of great elegance in blue ceramic tiles for interiors. Whether as the predominant shade or as an element within a composition, ceramic coverings in blue allow the creation of environments with great charm and unmistakable style, regardless of the desired ambiance.

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