Superior Quality Porcelain Stoneware

Porcelain stoneware: interior covering solutions

Made in Italy ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles for walls and floors

Eccentrico is the result of various factors, each one of which is essential to achieve the original goal: porcelain stoneware for interior covering solutions. A cocktail of creativity, style research, technology, and dynamism that has created a brand that captures the customers’ desires and brings them to life perfectly. Because we know that for our customers, these are the most important elements, ensuring that our products meet their unique requirements while driving us towards improvement.


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Feel the groove

Like the notes on a score, the colours of Beat flow together to create perfect harmonies. The three textures, with stylish geometric details, reflect the light in ever-changing ways, bringing a new rhythm to the walls, the fluctuating light spreading positive vibes throughout the rooms.

Turn ON the sound and choose one texture to discover the collection:



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